Body Care Gift Box (Henna Shampoo, Lotion & Beauty Soap)

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A special body care gift box consisting of Henna Shampoo, Herbal Body Lotion and a Beauty Soap is introduced for keeping your hair healthy and skin soft.

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Kairali introduces a body care gift box that consists of henna shampoo, herbal body moisturizing lotion and a beauty soap to take care of your body, keeping its softness and natural glow intact. This body care gift box is a wonderful gifting option throughout the festivities of the year that would spread love and harmony.

Henna Shampoo from Kairali is a herbal shampoo with the natural extracts of lemon and henna. It is the best color enhancing shampoo that cleanses the hair and provides nourishment to the scalp. It is a wonderful shampoo for hair growth thus keeping the scalp clean, smooth and dirt free.

Grape Seed and Almond Skin Moisturizing Lotion helps to restore the skin’s natural pH level thus bringing a glow to the skin. Made with authentic herbal ingredients, this herbal body lotion is a wonderful product that helps in opening the pores for proper absorption of the lotion. It keeps your skin soft, supple and hydrated all through the day.

A herbal handmade Beauty Soap, made with nature’s best ingredients is a natural soap with no side-effects. It is a soap for sensitive skin which balances the natural oil content and moisturizes the skin. Daily application of this soap will give a soft, supple and healthy skin.

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