Ayurvedic Products for Migraine

A migraine is a common type of headache that may occur with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light. In many people, a throbbing pain is felt only on one side of the head.
Some people who get migraines have warning symptoms, called an aura, before the actual headache begins. An aura is a group of symptoms, including vision disturbances that is a warning sign that a bad headache is coming.Frequency of attacks may vary.

Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors

A migraine is caused by abnormal brain activity, which can be triggered by a number of factors. However, the exact chain of events remains unclear. Today, most medical experts believe the attack begins in the brain, and involves nerve pathways and chemicals. The changes affect blood flow in the brain and surrounding tissues.

Alcohol, stress and anxiety, certain odors or perfumes, loud noises or bright lights, and smoking may trigger a migraine. Migraine attacks may also be triggered by:

  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Exercise or other physical stress
  • Missed meals
  • Smoking or exposure to smoke
  • Migraine headaches can be triggered by certain foods.
  • Changes in hormone levels during a woman's menstrual cycle or with the use of birth control pills

Migraine headaches tend to first appear between the ages of 10 and 45. Sometimes they may begin later in life.

  • Migraines occur more often in women than men
  • Migraines may run in families
  • Some women, but not all, may have fewer migraines when they are pregnant



Vision disturbances, or aura, are considered a "warning sign" that a migraine is coming.Not every person with migraines has an aura.The aura occurs in both eyes and may involve any or all of the following:

  • A temporary blind spot
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Start as a dull ache and get worse within minutes to hours
  • Nausea, vomiting or feeling sick
  • Feel throbbing, pounding, or pulsating
  • Are worse on one side of the head

Symptoms may linger even after the migraine has gone away. Patients with migraine sometimes call this a migraine "hangover." Symptoms can include:

  • Neck pain
  • Increased need for sleep
  • Feeling mentally dull, like your thinking is not clear or sharp

Doctor’s Natural and Effective Recommendation

It is the result of disturbance of apan vayu and prana vayu in the body. Varanadi Kashayam, Kaisore Gulgulu and Punarnavasavam are highly effective in migraine

Migraine is related with so many disturbances in the body like indigestion, stress, hormonal imbalance, allergies etc.

Varanadi Kashayam works by clearing the obstructed channel of the body and helps to improve the blood circulation. Punarnavasavam and Varanadi Kashayam helps in pacifying the vitiated Kapha, which is one of the commonest causes of migraine.

Doses Buy Now

  • : 2 drops in each noistril.
  • :for head and face massage weekly 3 times.


  • Take proper sleep
  • Drink at least 3 liter of water daily.
  • Avoid heavy exercise.
  • Take more fruits in your diet especially pomegranate and papaya

Duration Online Health Consultation

  • The above products are to be taken as per doctor consultation
  • General recommendation is for 5 to 6 week i.e.
  • Has no side effects
  • Gives happy, healthy disease free long life
  • They are non-toxic and non-invasive
  • Remove the root of diseases not just symptoms
  • Good for physical and mental health as well.
  • Relaxes mind and makes you Tension Free
  • Enhances immunity that resists diseases


  • It is highly recommended you consult an ayurvedic physician for the ailment before purchasing the product.
  • The treatment is only a suggestion in general cases.
  • Dosage and promotion may vary fron case to case basis 

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