Most women's breasts lose their breast firmness with age, especially large-breasted women. Reasons may range from inherited characteristics such as skin elasticity and breast density (the ratio of lightweight fat to heavier glands). Other factors for breast sagging include multiple pregnancies; breast feeding, rapid weight loss, gravity and age.

As women age, neglect to wear good support garments or lose a significant amount of weight, they may experience sagging of the breast. This condition, breast ptosis, occurs when from a loss of supporting tissue and fat in the breasts. This common condition causes round, globular breasts to morph into flatter, thinner breasts. During this slow process, the nipples may also relocate and move downward. Breast firmness can be improved with bust-lifting exercises, a good diet and supportive garments.

Doctor recommended solution for Breast Enhancement

Kairbossom is designed for strengthening, firming up and toning up of breast muscles, resulting in an increase in your breast size, prevents sagging breasts, corrects under developed breasts and importantly beautifies your shape.

This product usually takes about 6-8 weeks to see an improvement; which is normally ½ to 1 cup increase in bust size. The first function of Kaibossom Herbal Breast Massage Oil is to decrease the venous return, thus making blood more readily available to breast tissue. It also gives more time to the cells to absorb the nutrients, fats and hormones. This results in growth of the size of fat cells, hence a bigger bust-line.


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Kairbossom: Take enough quantity of Kairbossom Oil make it warm and apply in upward and circular motion for 15-20 minute daily

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  • The above products are to be taken as per doctor consultation
  • General recommendation is for 5 to 6 week i.e.
  • Kairbossom oil 4 Bottles


  • Wear supportive and tight garments
  • Do yogasanas daily.
  • Do some breast lifting exercises
  • Do not eat spicy food.
  • Has no side effects
  • Gives happy, healthy disease free long life
  • They are non-toxic and non-invasive
  • Remove the root of diseases not just symptoms
  • Good for physical and mental health as well.
  • Relaxes mind and makes you Tension Free
  • Enhances immunity that resists diseases


  • It is highly recommended you consult an ayurvedic physician for the ailment before purchasing the product.
  • The treatment is only a suggestion in general cases.
  • Dosage and promotion may vary fron case to case basis 

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