Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam - 200 ml

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A renowned Ayurvedic oil prepared with Coconut oil as base, which evidently improves hair growth, checks hair fall and dandruff. Its regular use imparts coolness to scalp and provides sound sleep.

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A perfect blend of ingredients like kayyonni, amrutha, amla and anjana, Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam is the popular oil used for the treatment of problems related with hair growth. On regular use it visibly checks hair fall, promotes the growth of hair and imparts coolness to head and eye. Eye ailments like redness, itching, dryness and several other anomalies caused by hot and dry climate are also significantly cured by appropriate use of Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam. Sleeplessness due to stress, persistent headache and heaviness of head are also treated well with regular application of this special oil for head. Early graying of hair, broken ends and thinning of hair are few of the cosmetic aspects which are cured by Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam. Coconut oil, being the base, makes Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam the best choice of hair oil for children.
As directed by the Ayurvedic Physician
Composition: Each 10 ml is prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty.
1 Kera Thailam Cocos nucifera Ol. 10ml
2 Kayyonni Eclipta alba Pl. 13ml
3 Guduchi Tinospora Cordifolia  St. 13ml
4 Amalaki Emblica officinalis  U.F.P. 13ml
5 Madhuka Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt. 0.62g
6 Anjana Berberis aristata St.Ext. 0.05g
7 Ksheeram Cow milk   10ml
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