Chyawanaprasam - 500 gms

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The most popular herbal combination in Ayurveda which serves both as a medication and a nutritional supplement. The richness of amla and other unique herbs present in Chyavanaprasam serves the purpose of being the most successful medicine for rejuvenation to mankind. Hairfall, early graying of hair, immune deficiency, anemia etc are well treated with Chyavanaprasam.

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Chyavanaprasam is beneficial for the health in a number of ways. It improves skin complexion, makes the skin exude its natural glow and radiance and fights dermal bacterial infection too. In addition to this, it promotes the growth of thick, healthy hair and helps the body to absorb calcium, thereby helps strengthening the bones and teeth. The sense organs are sharpened due to the regular consumption of Chyavanaprasam. If consumed regularly, Chyavanaprasam increases the vigour and vitality. It increases general health, memory and well being. Chyavanaprasam is especially beneficial for asthama patients and those suffering from dyspnea, fever, heart diseases, gout, diseases of urine and semen and disorders of speech. The anti-oxidant properties of Chyavanaprasam help the body to act against the ageing process thereby helps one maintain youthfulness. The Rasayana (rejuvenating property) enhances fertility, keeps the menstrual cycle to repeat itself on the right time and helps one to overcome the difficulties of constipation. It also tones the muscles and enhances the protein synthesis effectively. This medicine promotes a healthy and long life, which is free of diseases.
As directed by the Ayurvedic Physician
Composition: Each 10 g is prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Dasamoola
  Sadaphala Aegle marmelos Rt 0.089 g
Kashmarya  Gmelina arborea Rt 0.089 g
Takkari Premna serratifolia Rt 0.089 g
Patala Steriospermum coalis Rt 0.089 g
Dunduka Oroxylum indicum Rt 0.089 g
Brihati Solanum anguivi Pl. 0.089 g
Kandakari Solanum xanthocarpum Pl. 0.089 g
Prsniparni Desmodium gangeticum Pl. 0.089 g
Salaparni Pseudarthria viscida Pl. 0.089 g
Gokshura Tribulus terrestris Pl. 0.089 g
2 Bala  Sida cordifolia Rt 0.089 g
3 Mustha  Cyperus rotundus Rt Tr 0.089 g
4 Jeevaka  Malaxis acuminata Rt Tr 0.089 g
5 Rishabhaka  Malaxis muscifera Rt Tr 0.089 g
6 Utpala Nymphaea stellata Fl. 0.089 g
7 Parnidwaya (each)
  Mudgaparni Vigna radiata Pl. 0.089 g
Mashaparni Vigna trilobata Pl. 0.089 g
8 Pippali  Piper longum Dr.Fr. 0.089 g
9 Sringi  Pistacia chinensis Gl. 0.089 g
10 Meda  Polygonatum cirrhifolium Rt Tr 0.089 g
11 Tamalaki Phyllanthus amarus Pl 0.089 g
12 Truti Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr. 0.089 g
13 Jivanti Holostemma adakodien Rt Tr 0.089 g
14 Jongaka Aquilaria agallocha Ht Wd 0.089 g
15 Draksha  Vitis vinifera  Dr.Fr. 0.089 g
16 Paushkara Inula racemosa Rt 0.089 g
17 Chandana Santalum album Ht Wd 0.089 g
18 Sathi  Kaempferia galanga Rz. 0.089 g
19 Punarnava  Boerhaavia diffusa Rt 0.089 g
20 Dvikakoli (each)
  Kakoli  Fritillaria roylei Rt Tr 0.089 g
Ksheerakakoli  Lilium polyphyllum Rt Tr 0.089 g
21 Kakanasa  Maritima annua Pl 0.089 g
22 Amritha  Tinospora cordifolia St 0.089 g
23 Abhaya  Terminalia chebula Fr.R. 0.089 g
24 Vidari Ipomoea digitata Rt Tr 0.089 g
25 Vrishamula Adhatoda zeylanica Rt 0.089 g
26 Dhatriphala  Phyllanthus emblica U.F.P. 3.048 g
27 Taila Sesamum indicum Sd.Ol 0.762 ml
28 Ghrita Pure Ghee(Fat)   0.762 ml
29 Matsyandika Sucrose   4.444 g
30 Tukakshiri Maranta arundinaceae S.C. 0.356 g
31 Pippali  Piper longum Dr.Fr. 0.178 g
32 Chathurjatha (each)
  Ela Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr. 0.022 g
Twak  Cinnamomum verum St Bk 0.022 g
Patra  Cinnamomum tamala Lf 0.022 g
Nagakesara Mesua ferrea Stmn 0.022 g
33 Madhu Honey   1.143 ml
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