Amla Shikakai Shampoo - 200 ml

Kairali's herbal daily natural cleanser

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Kairali's Special Amlashikakai shampoo is designed to gently remove impurities form the hair and scalp which blocks the way for essential fortifying nutrients to penetrate the hair and at the same time protects it from breakage.
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Kairali's Amla Shikakai Shampoo is a meticulously and scientifically developed one, prepared out of natural Ayurvedic herbs used as cosmetics medicine for its strengthening & conditioning properties on the hair, as it provides most beneficial effect on the health of the hair and is absolutely chemical free and very effective natural way to conditioning, cleaning, promoting hair growth and preventing hair dandruff. This unique proven herbal formula strengthens and softness hair, prevent hair discoloration and remove dirt. The Kairali's Special Amla Shikakai Shampoo is truly different – which is gentle, mild, naturally low pH, and is a genuine alternative to all other shampoos of chemical origin found today. Amlashikakai shampoo is designed to gently remove impurities from the hair shaft with conditioning particles that form a protective layer on the cuticle, so hair is smoother and shinier as a result of special selection of herbs like Amla, Brahmi and shikakai. This mixture of Indian herbs: Amla, Brahmi and Shikakai helps in blackening, conditioning and promoting hair health. It is a natural cleanser and removes excess oil without stripping the scalp of its natural oil base.
Apply a required quantity of shampoo on wet hair and softly massage on the scalp. Wash off with water and repeat if desired.
Each 200 ml contains
Sl No Ing. Name Qty
1 Sodium lauryl ethyl sulphate 57 g
2 Coconut oil  18 g
3 Accacia concinna(shikakai) 8 g
4 Glycerin 6 ml
5 Propylene glycol  6 ml
6 Sodium hydroxide 3 g
7 Guar gum  2 g
8 Perfume 2 g
9 Bacopa monnieri(barhmi)  2 g
10 Emblica offcinale(amla) 1 g
11 color 1 g
12 Sodium benzoate 0.3 g
13 Citric acid-20% aqueous solution Q.S.
14 Aqua  Q.S.
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