Beauty Soap - 100 gms

Kairali's Handmade Soap for Daily Moisturising

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A special handmade soap made for daily use. This soap will balance the oil content of the skin, leaving it moisturized all day.
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Kairali’s beauty soap is a special handmade soap manufactured especially for daily use. The beauty soap is completely natural and is made with herbs and all other natural products. The use of this soap on daily basis balances the oil content of the skin, banishes the skin dryness by leaving it moisturized all day. The beauty soap is recommended for daily use to get a supple, healthy and glowing skin.

Use bathing bar while showering and create lather in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water. Best results when used daily.

Each 100g contains
S. No. Ingredients Name Qty.
1 Cocos nucifera 3 g
2 Sodium hydroxide 10 g
3 Glycerine 40 ml
4 Ricinus communis 20 g
5 Rosa Centifolia 8 g
6 Pigment Red 5 0.5 g
7 Perfume- Rose 1 g
8 Aqua  Q. S.
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