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The Kairali Group

Kairali Ayurvedic Group has been helping amalgamate Ancient Ayurveda with contemporary wellness needs and healing mankind worldwide for decades.

The pharmaceutical division of Kairali Group has been strengthening the ancient tradition of Ayurveda through continuous Research and Development (R&D) to suit modern life style. First started in 1948 by late K.S. Vasudevan, it has been carried forward by the next generations with continuous improvements within its manufacturing structure and quality.

Today, Kairali has diversified into three separate units that currently manufacture an array of products.


Spalabs Pvt. Ltd. – Peenya, Bangalore
  The first production center was founded in the late 60's by Mr. K.S. Vasudevan (father of K.V. Ramesh). He researched and developed various drugs that are produced in Spa Labs and are still marketed ethically by Kairali within India.

Kairali Pharmaceuticals – Palakkad, Kerala
  This division of Kairali mainly manufactures Ayurvedic oils either patented to Kairali or written classical in the scriptures. It also produces herbal internal medicines like Arishtas, Asvas, Lehyas, Choornams, Pills (Gulikas), Bhasmas, Gritham 

Kairali Ayurvedic Products Pvt. Ltd. – Pollachi, Tamil Nadu
  This division is specialized for the export market with higher capacities and cosmetic production capabilities. As this manufacturing unit was established in 2010 it has modern techniques amalgamated with the ancient science of Ayurveda to manufacture the best botanical creations of the group.



Other Wings of Kairali:



Kairali Hospitality Division


Our unique hospitality facilities provide treatments for Ayurveda and lifestyle management. All these facilities only use products manufactured by Kairali Product units to ensure best treatment quality.


Kairali Franchises Division

    Having pioneered in setting up Resorts, Ayurvedic Centers in India and abroad, Kairali further ventured in franchising the brand. We provide all kinds of technical assistance and support to our franchisees to achieve their financial goals and make their presence felt.



Kairali Institute of Training and Workshop

    In the year 2009 Kairali embarked on a new venture providing quality training to Pachakarma Therapists. Since then, Kairali has trained scores of individuals, from different parts of the world, like Germany, Japan, Spain, France and Australia at The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad Kerala and at our Ayurveda Centre, in Delhi.
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