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Eladi Kera Thailam - 200 ml.

Eladi Kera Thailam


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A unique herbal formulation for the treatment of skin diseases. This oil helps to improve the luster of skin and protect the skin from diseases like eczema, leucoderma, scaling, dryness etc.

This unique coconut oil based herbal preparation is widely used for its remarkable results in different skin diseases like boils, leucoderma, minor inflammations due insect bites and several other acute and chronic infections. Since the base is coconut oil it could be safely used in children with immense efficacy. Though not for a purpose of treatment Eladi KeraThailam is much advised by physicians for regular use irrespective of age and gender. This is one among the safest oils for application suggested in infants for regular massage. Scalp, mildly infected with dandruff is well treated with timely application of Eladi Kera Thailam.
Composition : Each 10 ml is prepared out of
Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Kera Taila Cocos nucifera Ol 10.000 ml
2 Elayugma (each)      
  Kshudralia Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr 0.044 g
Brihathi Amomum subulatum Dr.Fr 0.044 g
3 Turushka Boswellia serrata Exd. 0.044 g
4 Kushta Saussurea lappa Rt 0.044 g
5 Priyangu Callicarpa macrophylla Fl 0.044 g
6 Jatamamsi Nardostachys jatamansi Rt 0.044 g
7 Jala Coleus vettiveroides Rt 0.044 g
8 Dhyamaka Cymbopogon martinii Rt 0.044 g
9 Sprikka Anisomeles malabarica Pl. 0.044 g
10 Choraka Angelica glauca Rz. 0.044 g
11 Chocha Cinnamomum verum Fr 0.044 g
12 Patra Pogostemon cablin Lf 0.044 g
13 Tagara Valeriana wallichii Rt 0.044 g
14 Sthowneya Taxus baccata Lf. 0.044 g
15 Jathi Miristica fragrans Kr 0.044 g
16 Rasa Commiphora mirrha Exd 0.044 g
17 Sukti Pearl oyster shell   0.044 g
18 Vyaghranakha Martynia annua Pl 0.044 g
19 Devadaru Cedrus deodara Ht Wd 0.044 g
20 Srivasaka Pinus roxburghii Ht Wd 0.044 g
21 Chanda Costus speciosus Rt 0.044 g
22 Guggulu Commiphora mukul Exd 0.044 g
23 Devadhoopa Shorea robusta Exd. 0.044 g
24 Khapura Boswellia serrata Exd 0.044 g
25 Punnaga Calophyllum inophyllum Fr 0.044 g
26 Nagakesara Mesua ferrea Fl 0.044 g
27 Keraksheera Cocus nucifera Kr.      10.000 ml
28 Kumkuma Crocus sativus Stl.Stg. 0.017 g

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