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Chandraprabha Gulika (100 Pills)

Chandraprabha Gulika


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An effective Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form which helps to cure diseases like dysuria, urinary calculus, menstrual problems, pedal oedma, spermatorrhea and diabetic complications.

A renowned Ayurvedic medicine widely prescribed by doctors in an extensive range of diseases. This tablet prepared with potent herbs like Vella, Vyosha, Triphalaetc helps to cure complications ofdiabetes like polyurea, polyhydra, polyphagia, peripheral neuropathy and abscess formation. It also helps to reduce blood sugar level, if taken in prescribed dosage along with dietary restrictions. Urinary tract disorders like burning micturition, dysuria, urinary tract infections and urinary calculus can be well treated with this medicine. Menstrual disorders like leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea etc can be cured with apt dosage of this medicine.
Composition : Each tablet contains 0.54 g of dehydrated ground mass prepared out of
Sl No Sanskrit Name English Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Vella Wawrung Embelia ribes Dr.Fr 4.10 mg
2 Vyosha (each)        
  Sunthi Dry ginger Zingiber officinale Rz 4.10 mg
Maricha Black pepper Piper nigrum Dr.Fr 4.10 mg
Pippali Indian long pepper Piper longum Dr.Fr 4.10 mg
  Chandraprabha Camphor Cinnamomum camphora Exd 4.10 mg
3 Phalatrika (each)        
  Abhaya Chebulic myrobalan Terminalia chebula Fr.R 4.10 mg
Amalaki Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica Fr.R 4.10 mg
Vibhitaki Belleric myrobalan Terminalia bellirica Fr.R 4.10 mg
4 Trilavana (each)        
  Induppu Rock salt Sodium chloride   4.10 mg
Villauppu Black salt Potassium chloride   4.10 mg
Karuppu       4.10 mg
5 Dvikshara (each)        
  Chavarkaram Pearlash Potassium carbonate   4.10 mg
Yava ksara   Hordeum vulgare Pl 4.10 mg
6 Chavya Wild Pepper Piper chaba St. 4.10 mg
  Gaja pippali   Scindapsus officinalis Dr.Fr 4.10 mg
7 Anala Wild Leadwort
Plumbago zeylanica
Rt. 4.10 mg
8 Amrta   Tinospora cordifolia St. 4.10 mg
9 Pippalimoola Indian long pepper Piper longum Rt. 4.10 mg
10 Mustaka Nut grass Cyperus rotundus Rt Tr 4.10 mg
11 Dhanyaka   Coriandrum sativum Dr.Fr 4.10 mg
12 Makshikadhathu Chalcopyrite copper pyrite   4.10 mg
  Trivrt   Ipomoea turpethum Rt. 4.10 mg
13 Tvaca Cinnamon Cinnamomum verum St Bk 4.10 mg
14 Shatgrandhi Sweet flag Acorus calamus Rz 4.10 mg
15 Devadaru Deodar Cedrus deodara Ht Wd 4.10 mg
16 Darvi   Berberis aristata St. 4.10 mg
17 Bhoonimba   Swertia chirata Pl 4.10 mg
18 Danthi Diesel Seed Plant Baliospermum montanum Rt  4.10 mg
19 Haridra Turmeric Curcuma longa Rz 4.10 mg
20 Patra   Cinnamomum tamala Lf 4.10 mg
21 Ela Cardamom small Elettaria cardamomum Fr  4.10 mg
22 Athivisha Aconite Aconitum heterophyllum Rt.Tr 4.10 mg
23 Loha Iron Ferrum      32.76 mg
  Sita Sugar     65.52 mg
24 Twakksheeri   Bambusa bambos S.C.   16.38 mg
25 Pura   Commiphora wightii Exd 163.82 mg
26 Silajatu Silajit   Exd 131.06 mg

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